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The program and list of Musta Kallio is almost done! Follow updates in this blog and on Twitter: @Musta_Kallio

Tuesday 9.8.

Opening of the solidarity art exhibition in Asbestos gallery (Mäkelänkatu 45) at 18 o´clock. The exhibition will continue for the Musta Kallio week, opening hours are 12–18.

Wednesday 10.8.

Walking tour about anarchist history of Kallio starts at 17 from Mustan kanin kolo (Hämeentie 26). The tour will last approximately 2 hours.

“Dress like Alexander Berkman” workshop will start at 16 at Mustan kanin kolo (Hämeentie 26).

Opening party with live hip hop performances, affordable food etc. starts at 8 pm. Party will be outside, exact location will be announced on Wednesday afternoon.


Thursday 11.8.

Linux installation happening will be held between 17–21 at Cajsa (the New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5 B, 4th floor)

Discussion: Solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robberies in Germany 18

Punk gig at Sir Oliver (Merihaka, Haapaniemenkatu 14 A 2, klo 21–04)

Friday 12.8.

“Turkey in chaos” discussion at 18 (in Pengerpuisto, around Torkkelinmäki). If it rains, the discussion will be held indoors.

Prisoner support bingo organized by Anarchist Black Cross of Helsinki from 20 on in Tokoinranta. If it rains, the discussion will be held indoors.

Saturday 13.8.

Katu on Punk, meeting will be at 13 in Karhupuisto (next to Kallio fire station).

Unjust vege – campaign start organized by Vapaa syndicate at 13 in Vaasanaukio.

Sunday 14.8.

ONLY FOOTBALL 5 vs.5 tournament

Happening at Squat Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1):

Brunch 11–13

Zine and book fair 13–17

Button workshop 15–17


Descriptions of some program in English:

Dress like Alexander Berkman

Only most outrageous agent on bourgeoisie would claim Oscar Wilde, Alexander Berkman or rest of the anarchists lacked style 100 years ago. But since then, anarchist swag has been lost and movement is in a crisis.

Change will come Wednesday 10th of August in anarchist Black Kallio festival in Helsinki, from 4 PM at Mustan kanin kolo.

First anarchosyndicalist and specialist of unionism and stylish outlook Niko Ravattinen will explain basics issues, followed by a shopping tour of second hand clothing, after which a new style will be designed for workshop participators.

Time to give up bourgeois tastelessness. Style is a basic right of the proletariat!


Discussion: Solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robberies in Germany in Kurvin kirja (Hämeentie 48). Discussion will be in English

Two anarchists are accused of bank robberies in Aachen, Germany, in 2013 and 2014. In solidarity with them there will be a presentation about the case and the different forms of solidarity which ave happened in relation to it. With inspiration from this we will go into a discussion about anarchist solidarity. Solidarity which is based in ones personal desire to revolt and which draws it strength from the way one sees ones own struggle in the struggles of others.

”We are not interested whether or not the comrade is actually responsible for the bank robberies or not. Expropriation is an ethically correct and politically legitimate means, a method of struggle, which is part of the history of revolutionary movements.

There are no legal parameters or strategic limits for us to base our expression of solidarity towards comrades facing repression. These are not principles that belong to us. Instead we take the path of solidarity, as an integral part of our struggle, which responds to the need of standing beside our friends and affinities when the State has deprived them of their freedom, because we recognize ourselves in their ideas and the way they face repression.”

ONLY FOOTBALL 5 vs.5 -tournament!

Welcome to hang out and play football on Sunday 14.8.2016 to Kumpulanlaakso little football field between Limingantie and Väinö auerin katu (,24.9600861,391m/data=!3m1!1e3) from 11am.

Tournament is part of Musta Kallio festival. At the same time there will be food and other activities at Squat Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1) near by.

Games will be played 5 vs. 5 rules 20min/game. Everyone are welcome regardless from their skills or shape! Bring your friends and team. If you wont find a team beforehand don’t worry, there will be space reserved for single players.

Tournament is organized by Varis-network. Varis is an anti-fascist network working in Finland.

Let’s keep the nazis out from the field! Let’s give fascism a red card!

No sexism, racism or homophobia, JUST FOOTBALL!


Anarchism is celebrated around Kallio in August

On 10th to 14th August anarchist event called Musta Kallio (”Black Kallio”) is organized around the Kallio area.

We want to bring out the spectrum and variety of anarchist activities. In Helsinki there are several active anarchist projects who organize many different kinds of events open for everybody during the week.

Let’s change the streets of former workers’ area in to the self-organized action-driven even area free from exploitation and oppression!

The program takes place from streets and parks to inner spaces. There will be at least, antifascist football match, anarcho-punk street occupation, benefit bingo for political prisoners, charity art exhibition, discussions about direct democracy and neighborhood, plus many other stand-taking and spellbinding action!

*What does “anarchist” mean*?

Anarchism is a social philosophy, whose supporters oppose using power over others and aim for real equality. That’s why we anarchists oppose capitalism, state and other forms of structural oppression and support defending of the weaker, self-organizing and taking over one’s own life. We appreciate people, other animals and nature as well as freedom to express and fullfill oneself without hurting others, instead of trying to gain profit or privileges. We want to encourage people to become active outside the suppressive structures, like political parties and other authorities.

Sounds familiar? Do you share our principles and want to organize something as a part of Musta Kallio? Do contact us and tell your ideas as soon as possible, so we can draft schedule and other practicalities to make the festival happen.

More info, schedules and descriptions of events coming later.


Musta Kallio working group


Anarkistinen Toiminta

Helsinki Anarchist Black Cross

Squat Makamik

Infoshop Black Bunny´s Burrow

Asbestos gallery & a few independent artists

The Kurdistan solidarity group of The Finnish Peace Committee

Tasajako distro

Varis network



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